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Partek - Managing your parts

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Modern and up-to-date machinepark

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Partek Trading

at Partek

Partek is your partner to purchase in China and risk-free, all precision components, assemblies and standard components for all sectors of the industry, with the focus on flexibility and quality.

Partek Trading

Buy without risk, custom precision parts, assemblies and standard components, for all sectors of industry, with Partek’s support.

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Partek Production

Partek has its own modern and up-to-date machine park with which we can offer all kinds of processes in different materials in-house.

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Partek Services

Partek offers a wide range of services to support the purchase-, logistical and production proces in China.

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Partek offers you the unique possibility to realize your project using the most professional techniques, technical support and this at very favorable terms.

About us

You can contact us for the manufacturing of all types of parts in different materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, polymer, glass, rubber, plexiglas, etc.). This using a vast array of production techniques (laser, punching, bending, milling, turning, injection molding, casting, extruding, construction work, assembly, etc.) with the requested finishing (galvanizing, anodizing, powder coating, painting, chrome, etc.).

We also  offer a wide range of services to support the purchase-, logistical and production proces in China.

For purchasing standard mechanical components (machine feet, aluminum building profiles, wheels, bearings, hardware, etc.) we are also happy to be of assistance.

Our own factory

We have our own factory where we produce aluminium and steel constructions and offer many different production techniques like CNC sawing, drilling, punching, polishing, brushing and (robot-) welding.

Our factory is also the central warehouse in China where all goods of the Partek trading branch arrive. Here we do the final quality checks and the goods are consolidated for shipping to Europe.

think proactively with our customer and look for innovative, high tech solutions to a complex issue, where quality, service and flexibility are key.